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Smile Electric Drum Kits

Ive played drums for 3 years. It all matters with what feel you like. In my opinion i would say not to get the electric set because it kind of cheats for you. when you play double bass or do rolls either sometime it doesnt pick it up or it makes it sound faster than it really is. it also gives you more of a rebound. which you need to learn on am acoustic kit because it actually makes you d the work instead of the head.

I play a 8 piece Pearl Export series set with abt zildjian cymbals. altogether it costed me $1500.00 and its a double bass set. it sounds good. Tama is also good. if your looking to buy cymbals sabian are cheap and sound good. and tamas drums give a nice deep sound.

Now if you want to the work get anacoustic set
if ypu want the head to fdo the work buy an electric set. a good place to buy a drumset and cymbals s at thats were i got my set and they send it to you free shipping.
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