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Originally posted by xDarkestHourx
I think having a need for musical theory is bullshit...I mean the stuff I do I stumble upon, you can't tread where no one's gone if you're constantly using other people's patterns and theory...then again I do write music that flips back and forth between 4/4, 5/4. 6/8. 7/4. 7/8, and kinda tie it back together. I'm no master at it or anything, I just think there's a lot less that's been done in those categories. Maybe that's just my ol' unconventional chaotic hardcore playin mind talkin, but that's how I feel about that.

u need music theory....wheter u like it or about if your hired by iron maiden or in flames & u dont know how to harmonize something coz of the music theory???.....///or what if u have a strange base & u dont know what solo to play?? the scales...the mods ....everything is important...//well...if u gonna play "simple" music u wont need it....//
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