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Well I went to the store today to try out some of the stuff you guys suggested. People were using the bandit 112 when I got there so I tried some other stuff to begin with. This line7 one, I forget which exactly, sounded alright, but not the greatest. The guitar research one sounded okay but seemed kinda muddy. I tried some of the big tube amps too but they didn't seem to be working... Then I finally got to try the bandit and it sounded great, pretty much exactly what I had in mind. I tried using a cheesy guitar to simulate what I had and it still sounded really good. I even played a random marshall amp for a minute afterwards and I didn't think it sounded as good... After playing for a while I immediately came home and played on my boss pedal, and it was easy to see the difference... the boss pedal sounds so processed and buzzy, kind hard to explain but now I really know why people curse this pedal to the depths of hell

Anyways, Ill probably pack up my stuff and take it back to guitar center sometime this week. For now, Ill hunt for a good deal on the bandit. Thanks for the input everyone =)
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