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Originally Posted by MoonRaven

music is different for everyone, i also happen to take music very seriously, but i would love to do a fucking acoustic mayhem type of group. its music, it should be more fun than anything else in the world, it shouldn't become work, when that happens, you get burnt out, i saw it happen to countless freshmen in the music program at central washington university. i personally love anal cunt because of the fact that it is TOTAL bullshit, its funny, its obnoxious, but it also, probably inadvertantly, pushes the boundaries of what people consider to be music, which, IMO, is the point of grind in general. but hey, thats my opinion, you dont like it, fuck off, : )

Having fun is one thing. But you usually aren't pushing yourself if you're just having fun. Music is hard work, but it's worth the hard work.

Not just in music, but in other fields too. YOu'll find other people who love what they do but work very hard doing it. Science, Math, English, Visual art, theater, and so on. All of these subjects along with music have oppertunities in them. You can be a scientist, Writer, Teacher, anything, and all of them involve hard work. It all depends on if you feel it is worth all the hard work.

For the longest time, I couldn't decide if I wanted a life in music or visual art, likepainting, drawing, and so on. So I took an AP Studio course which is the hardest art course in my school. Only passed it because the teacher was nice. 6 projects, and I could only finish 3 because I couldn't keep up with everyone. Not because I sucked, but because I was good at observation... a little too good.

Well, anyways, a little into the semester, this lady who graduated from the school, who also helps in creating the artwork for Southpark (yeah, hoo, fuck), explained how it was working in that sort if area. Granted, South Park has some really cheap artwork and graphics, but even so. She explained how her and the people who do that stuff practically stay up all night and work until the Wednsday when the episode airs working on just that one episode. And then they do it again. I think about this, and I just can't see myself working on art all the time like that. And I decided I could do more with music than art.

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