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Originally Posted by xdislexicx
Maybe you don't realize how big the tube amp business is. As the majority of professional guitarists, aswell as an even bigger number of non"pro" guitarists. Are using tube amps and swear by them.

Even in bass rigs there is still a tube market. Aswell as pedals, hybrid amps, even pro recording studios have tube equipment like mic preamps.

As long as music exists, tubes will be in production.

Well that would be great. I hope tubes never go out of production. My bass amp is a Mesa hybrid and I wouldnt trade it for the world. I love my JJ's.
"So often our hands get caught up in ruts of muscle memory. 'Muscle memory' is an accurate term. We get used to doing certain things, without even being aware of them. This ultimately not only shapes and therefore limits our technique, it also shapes what we compose, what we write. We end up thinking still unknowingly trapped in that box." -Adam Nitti

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buy a stick of graphite (art stores) and rub it into your nut
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