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getting signed isnt the end all be all. it doesnt validate peoples virtue, most of all it doesnt validate musical integrity, it never had and never will

i myself dont like anal cunt. the shit was interesting in like 1988 or something, AC and GG almost toured together in like 91? somewhere around there, GG would chase the crowds away naked covered in his own shit and blood, it wouldve been the most fucked up travelling show in the history of music. nowadays seth putnam being as he is now crippled and recovering from a massive pill OD is a self parody,walking contradiction, the guy wrote songs making fun of cripples for christs sakes.

as far as being a joke band i dont think they are, they are pretty sincere in being the most offensive assholes ever, i know people who have kicked thier ass and others who've witnesses thier asses being kicked, like in multiple states. joke bands dont last about 20 years and invite that kind of reputation and still,no matter how many line-up changes,beatdowns,overdoses,arrests,persist.

ill agree that thier rep and the violence of thier shows supercede thier music, but they are total lo-fi, 5 second song kind of band doing it in the 80s. AC formed a little after napalm death who are like the fucking pioneers of brutal music. grindcore at that time wasnt about technical,well composed ability,digital recordings and drum triggers,everything tight as hell etc.<that all came later>. it was the direct opposite. this was a time when most bands took a bizzare pride in not knowing how to play thier instruments, the word arpeggio is something most of the old grind bands wouldnt know about or much care about anyway. i love alot of the old lo-fi bands and i think others have done better than AC at that time, but i wouldnt say thier sound goes without merit, thier influence on underground music is unquestionable.

im not trying to change your mind here, i just think your logic about not liking them is kinda odd. but i do hear you out in wanting to hear bands who really put effort into thier work, try to make music that is complex,meaningful and creative. and i do agree with alot of what you said
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