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Originally Posted by low-tech
who did they sell out to................earache? relapse? those labels already carried fucking stupid bands anyway. to me thats hardly selling out, this is not to mention the impressive amount of releases and splits they have under thier belt before they went got stuff released on bigger labels. selling out is going mainstream, conglomerate labels,MTV videos.

lowering the bar?

dude grindcore is already the lowest of the low, how could any porno-gore shit raise the bar? when we talk about shit like "brutal death metal" "gore grind" we arent taking about artforms that champion intellectually,philosophically mindblowing lyrical content, poineering multi faceted complex emotions thru sound. most of the bands mentioned here have the cultural,intellectual significance of a fart joke

they dont give a shit about music? they want money?

dude, seth putnam smoked crack for years. its not like he lives in hollywood driving a hummer, lighting cigars with burning hundred dollar bills. the guy rivals bukowski in terms of being a complete loser. and AC hardly have been a productive band thruout its existance, he nearly died 2 years ago trying to commit suicide.

I'm not specifically calling THEM sellouts. I'm saying they are lowering the bar for what most of the music industry considers good music. They give out one clear message. "We are fucking losers but we still got signed." Whether that's to a shitty label or not, I think getting signed to any label should be a good honor to a band and such an honor shouldn't be squandered on skidmarks such as Anal Cunt. They have shown the world that mediocrity and pure shit is acceptable in music.

I don't need the music I listen to to be phylisophical. I'm all for brutality in music. But there's a fine line between brutality, and trash. Cannibal Corpse is, in my opinion, one of the most brutal bands out there. They can still keep up the power without getting sloppy. I think they commit themselves to make sure that doesn't happen. That's what I'm looking for in a band. Yeah, CC have made a few videos and stuff, but I would hardly call them sellouts.
Slipknot, on the other hand, needs a reality check. For the record, I like the music Slipknot makes. I like their sound, and the energy they do put out there, but I HATE the band themselves. They, and I quote you, "Have the intellectual signifigance of a fart joke." They think they are the most brutal band in mainstream music. They talk about how much they scared "abunch of record label pussy ass motherfuckers." For committing to their music and not getting TOO sloppy and crap, I would rally them with bands like CC. But their attitude is fucking bullshit. They are a joke and they don't know it.

They are the kind of bands Anal Cunt is indirectly influencing. Bands that'll pretend. Bands who are too lazy to take music seriously.

Low-tech pretty much summed it up.
How could you not want to just fuck around and get to travel to Europe and Japan knowing that your music is a complete joke? It's great. It's a total slap in the face to the entire conglomerate of music.

If I wanted to go to Europe, I would go to Europe. I take music , among other things, very seriously, and I hate it when people make a joke out of it. People who lack disipline, poeple who would rather get piss drunk and scream into a mic than commit themselves to performing a great show.And I'm not just talking about metal music.

When I was in school, I was in the marching band. Contrary to popular belief, it is hard work to rehearse each movement, put it on the field, and perform it. I was proud of the work we did BECAUSE we put hard work into it. People shouldn't have that sense of pride and that feeling of acomplishment handed to them on a platter without working for it. Anal Cunt performs, like, what, how many half assed shows and gets signed? I understand the whole "slap in the face to the whole conglomerate of music." And I know music is a form of expression. But for me, music is also something that I want to push myself with. Reach my potential.

If I wanted to be a "funny" little asshole, I would just shit in a bucket on stage and throw it into a crowd.

Keep checking for new crap.

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