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Originally Posted by CompelledToLacerate
4. Anal Cunts attitude? If it's their offensive, racist, nazist, homophobic, trying-to-be-as-grotesque-as-possible-attitude, no I don't have a problem with it. I hate them because they were meant to be a joke band, just a band to fuck around and shit, not even be serious with their music, and they GOT FUCKING SIGNED!!! They practically lowered the bar for bands to get signed; CRAPPY BANDS, if you will. Sellout bands, bands that don't give a shit abotu music, who just want money. That's why I hate Anal Cunt; they lowered the standard for greatness.

Low-tech pretty much summed it up.
How could you not want to just fuck around and get to travel to Europe and Japan knowing that your music is a complete joke? It's great. It's a total slap in the face to the entire conglomerate of music.

As for selling out, kinda. In the true sense of the word, not really.
It's not as if they went out searching for a label, Earach discovered them and thought what they were doing was completely genius, so they did what record labels try to do...sign a fresh new band. Seth even wrote a song called "We're Not Allowed To Listen To Anal Cunt Anymore, Because They Signed To Earache."
Everyone shut up but me.

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