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Originally Posted by CompelledToLacerate

4. Anal Cunts attitude? If it's their offensive, racist, nazist, homophobic, trying-to-be-as-grotesque-as-possible-attitude, no I don't have a problem with it. I hate them because they were meant to be a joke band, just a band to fuck around and shit, not even be serious with their music, and they GOT FUCKING SIGNED!!! They practically lowered the bar for bands to get signed; CRAPPY BANDS, if you will. Sellout bands, bands that don't give a shit abotu music, who just want money. That's why I hate Anal Cunt; they lowered the standard for greatness.

who did they sell out to................earache? relapse? those labels already carried fucking stupid bands anyway. to me thats hardly selling out, this is not to mention the impressive amount of releases and splits they have under thier belt before they went got stuff released on bigger labels. selling out is going mainstream, conglomerate labels,MTV videos.

lowering the bar?

dude grindcore is already the lowest of the low, how could any porno-gore shit raise the bar? when we talk about shit like "brutal death metal" "gore grind" we arent taking about artforms that champion intellectually,philosophically mindblowing lyrical content, poineering multi faceted complex emotions thru sound. most of the bands mentioned here have the cultural,intellectual significance of a fart joke

they dont give a shit about music? they want money?

dude, seth putnam smoked crack for years. its not like he lives in hollywood driving a hummer, lighting cigars with burning hundred dollar bills. the guy rivals bukowski in terms of being a complete loser. and AC hardly have been a productive band thruout its existance, he nearly died 2 years ago trying to commit suicide.
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