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Originally Posted by Cunty Shunt

Were all those analogies really necessary?
Perhaps I just didn't understand. If it's emotion we are talking here, then all grindcore really elicits is anger and hatred...AC would be the #1 band for that.
If it's lyrical content, that shouldn't really matter anyway because most grind bands it's hard to understand them anyway.
Or is it the AC attitude that you just don't like?

1. No, they weren't, but I try to make my point clear and I sometimes go a little too far. Sorry.

2. I'm not denying that Grindcore doesn't have emotion. It's just... Think of it like this. You have all these little photos that represent your hate and your anger. What's on the photos could be stuff that you hate, stuff that makes you angry, and so on. Now any form of music can take those photos and organize them into a collage of a sort and the collage represents the music they play; how the photos are organized and such. You understand? Now with grindcore.... a grindcore band takes those photo's, dunks them in rubber cement (Of course with pornogrind, they would be pasting the pictures with cum, *stifled chuckle*) and slamming them onto the canvas as fast as the can, not caring where they paste it. They put too much raw power and energy in their pusic that there is just little or no room for clarity. Which is pretty much what makes up grindcore.

3. I don't really pay attention to lyrics with any music I listen to. Words mean shit to me.

4. Anal Cunts attitude? If it's their offensive, racist, nazist, homophobic, trying-to-be-as-grotesque-as-possible-attitude, no I don't have a problem with it. I hate them because they were meant to be a joke band, just a band to fuck around and shit, not even be serious with their music, and they GOT FUCKING SIGNED!!! They practically lowered the bar for bands to get signed; CRAPPY BANDS, if you will. Sellout bands, bands that don't give a shit abotu music, who just want money. That's why I hate Anal Cunt; they lowered the standard for greatness.

Keep checking for new crap.

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