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the thing about anal cunt, as opposed to the subsequent porno-gore grind stuff that kinda followed in thier wake years later<i guess carcass is a major influence too>, is that there was no scene for what AC were doing. AC was intended to crash everyones party,everyones show,hardcore,metal,punk everything, flip everyones wig,piss off venues and crowds to the point of violence. from which they totally succeeded

AC has been doing this shit since the 80's. thier music was intentionally supposed to go against the grain of all underground music then.

thier goal was to be hated. they are more racist than any nazi band, more stupid, pointlessly insulting,pseudo sadistic than any death metal band, more violent than any tough guy hardcore band, used more drugs and drank more than any punk band. the only band to top them was gg allen and whatever musicians would accompany him on any ill fated tour he never could get past a week into due to him being arrested or beat up or ODing.

to me, none of these newer shock value gore-porno whatever bands can hold a candle to anal cunt or gg in this regard, anal cunt and gg had already done shit these newer bands simply wont do. i personally do not like anal cunt or gg allen, but i can see what they were going for, when music ventures into a competition of being the most anti-social,the most evil,most violent music possible you will attract legit psychotics<putnum,allen> who will show you that fine line between the tounge and cheek, the imitation and the real,utterly fucking stupid, deal of being an insane asshole willing to get the shit kicked out of him by the crowd.

im not saying every band should have this meaningful,well thought out message but alot of these kind of bands i hear are composed of good musicians who play pointless, not really shocking at all,music.

tipper gore may get pissed, have a congressional hearing for more warning labels or something. thats about it.

nihilistic,completely shocking,unacceptable music made sense when it really effected people,pissed them off, made an impact.

maybe im looking too far into things, i dont know
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