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It aint hard to play with your eyes closed. How else would people do the behind your back shit?

But, that's not what he was asking. He compared playing without understanding theory to playing blind. The question is how people cope without knowing theory. The answer: On guitar, pretty goddamn easily. It's probably the most played instrument out there, and a lot of people just pick it up and go. It's too easy to learn three or four chords and a moveable pentatonic and just go. Probably the majority of guitarists out there dont understand theory. You can get pretty good without it, unless you wanna do shred, in which case, uh, no. But there's more to guitar than the notes and the theory.

And whoever said they dont play with a particular theory: that's priceless. You completely missed what he was talking about. Music Theory is not your theory on music dude. It's more like math.
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