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DIMEBAG's God damn tuning.

It is still amazing to me that the majority of modern guitarist STILL do not know how Dime tuned his guitars...yet they still try and play his songs.

He always tuned down a 1/4 step...whether he played in E, D, Drop-D, C#, Drop-C, and/or Octave G (on Underground in America and Sandblasted Skin)

an easy way to achieve this (for me at least ) is, I use my Pod XT to tune. Simply switch from A440 HZ to A425 HZ. Than tune like so.

For example, if you tune to E at A425 HZ, it is actually E-Flat, plus a quarter. (when you switch back to A440 and compare of course.)

This was a very big part of dime's sound...and unfortunately has been overlooked quite a bit.

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