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Well, first of all i dont like "emo's" or Avenged either, but he's asking a question here. So if you dont have anything useful to say, shut the fuck up.... every last one of you.

I suggest not trying to "sing like" someone. Its not gonna happen. Either you HAVE a voice similar to him, or you dont. Simple as that. If you really want some tips, i could suggest listening to them and singing along at a decent volume. This way you can learn his vocal range and see if there are any spots you cannot reach, such as the high or low-end notes. Remember that the volume your practicing with is going to make a big differece, so choose carefully. Certain notes are accessable only at higher(or lower) vocal volumes.

But yea, Its really hard to help with something like this since nobody here can actually hear you sing and know what you need help with in particular.
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