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Originally Posted by BOB_ZE_METALLEU
hehe the french batsard has already see them last summer and i know the singer/guitarist of this band. I know him because one day i was going to school with my augury's t-shirt....and i was walking in the school and a guy says: hey great t-shirt man!! it's my band....i was like: OH MY FUCKING GOD ITS PATRICK LOISEL AAAAH DAMMIT!!!..then i killed some old woman, burn a guy with an afro and run naked outside....

Thanks...both came here in April(I couldnt go). Anyways...any news of them playing this year together?
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Originally Posted by moe_blunts
you done told me lots of thangs bout beer n shit and canada. have a grand ol cunt of a good time.

RIP moe.
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