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Originally Posted by BassBehemoth
It's really easy to find all of their cds up here..but I still ordered them to save money.(Basically saving $10 per cd)

Well Steve...I gave your mom aids so she's going to die and you are going to be homeless.

Any french bastards know about this tour?

hehe the french batsard has already see them last summer and i know the singer/guitarist of this band. I know him because one day i was going to school with my augury's t-shirt....and i was walking in the school and a guy says: hey great t-shirt man!! it's my band....i was like: OH MY FUCKING GOD ITS PATRICK LOISEL AAAAH DAMMIT!!!..then i killed some old woman, burn a guy with an afro and run naked outside....
Originally Posted by moe_blunts
I'd cum in her even if it was my own daugther.

Originally Posted by Bassbehemoth
Sick. It's an overly sugared and overly carbonated vagina drink.
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