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marduk are fucking funny on stage...i saw em the last x mas festival in straßbourg (went there cause its near the german border, in germany corpse arent allowed to play some songs like hammer smashed face)....well the corpsepaint from the marduk singer held about 5 minutes, then it came of with the sweat..and that guy kept kicking and punching in the air like a drunken martial arts specialist was funny to watch...and those extremely evil and dark black metal bands are absolutely nice ppl backstage, some are even kinda shy

i got a great pic of george corpsegrinder fisher wearing a heineken 6 pack as a crown, but it's not on any homepage, so no chance for me to post it here

btw the band i look most forward to ist macabre..i always wanted to see em live! hell, yeah! i'll be on date in the "rockfabrik ludwigsburg" here in germany..most definately for free & backstage
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