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Avatar are great cabs and for a even better price. Avatar actually post new cabs on Ebay so you might be able to get a better price from them there. Just make sure you tell them you want your speakers mounted through the baffle board via tee nuts-and-bolt or nut-and-bolt. I believe they are now doing this, but I have read user reviews where they only just screwed the speakers into the baffle board wood. Speakers need to be mounted through the baffle board to insure proper seal and stablility. Otherwise the speakers will work themselves lose from the baffle and that is bad news.

Just as a side note: 10 AWG wire is infact hard to make work with most speaker and jack terminals without extra hardwear and/or elite soldering skills. 10 AWG can be used but it takes time and careful inspection of every solder jount. 12-14 AWG is more that acceptable. I used 10 AWG as an overkill, but I had to solder the female connectors and the jack terninals with NASA like skill ( Keep in mind I can just about solder a motherboard back together in complete darkness while trapped within a sinking ship). Using 10 AWG took a lot of planing because the copper stranded 10 AWG wire doesn't crimp, solder, or move as easy as 12-14 AWG. Whatever.

The most important thing to know is just make sure the wires inside the cab don't cross to close to each other ( 1-2 inches at the least ). You got ROOM inside of a cab so make the best of it. Also make sure the wire doesn't vibrate on any surface. The speaker cable that connects your amp to the cab is intirely different, but if you read back in this thread I kinda explain why. Electrical signal conductors should never come in close contact with each other without some sort of compensating design ( like how high quality speaker cable is designed ).

If I'm not clear with everything hear I will help explain.
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