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I have just completed a partial mod to my cabinet today. I rewired it with 10AWG and 14 AWG wire. Initially I wanted to use 10 AWG all the way through, but my speakers (older Celestions) and cable jack would not allow me to use disconnects. So I hard wired the two short lengths of 10 AWG so that I had two speakers connected + to - to create a right and left pair. I used 14 AWG to complete the Series-Parallel wiring as this was the largest wire that I could solder to all connections.

Must say, I already have a 100% improvement in output tone. The stock Marshall wire was I'm guessing 22AWG. It was the same size as the teflon coated 20AWG I used to hook my 2203 clone amp together. It was that freaking small.

The wife went and took a nap so I was not able to see how the foam affects the cabinet. I am double sided taping the foam in place as I go so I can see how each piece reacts. Once I find the amount that I like for my speakers I will go back and glue the foam down.
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