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Originally Posted by Soeru
Actually, the description for the X2N-7 sais "warmth" somewhere(go read the description at any online site), it may sound different from the regular X2N. Dimarzio to my knowledge doesn't make their 7 string models exactly the same to their 6 string counterparts.

Thorns your guitar may be soft maple, different from hard maple, soft maple has a more low mid response than hard maple. But it's not to say that in hard maple it would be unbearably thin sounding, but you can forget about playing cleans with a maple guitar without warmer pickups. Your tone and volume knob will help you clean up the sound a lot and cut down excess high end, but some people(like me) prefer to hit the front end of the amp with more treble and mids and add the bass frequencies afterwards with the EQ.

I just checked out the Dimarzio site and you're right about that, but the sound change shouldnt be extremely radical from the 6 string version I think. That D-Sonic pickup sounds like an interesting idea though.
Well, I dont know what kind of maple my axe is made of but the X2N sounds good in it. The cleans arent horrible, they're just meh, which is why I got a Pro Track in the middle and neck positions. They are mellower/rounded sounding and so much better for cleans, sweeping and getting that nice solo sound. I think I read on the Dimarzio site or somewhere that the Pro Track was meant to sound like a PAF but be in a single coiled sized humbucker.
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