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Actually, the description for the X2N-7 sais "warmth" somewhere(go read the description at any online site), it may sound different from the regular X2N. Dimarzio to my knowledge doesn't make their 7 string models exactly the same to their 6 string counterparts.

Thorns your guitar may be soft maple, different from hard maple, soft maple has a more low mid response than hard maple. But it's not to say that in hard maple it would be unbearably thin sounding, but you can forget about playing cleans with a maple guitar without warmer pickups. Your tone and volume knob will help you clean up the sound a lot and cut down excess high end, but some people(like me) prefer to hit the front end of the amp with more treble and mids and add the bass frequencies afterwards with the EQ.

The Tonezone -at least the 6 string version- is really good, but it's warm so beware the mud if you have a mahogany or similar wood guitar. It's "just hot enough" to be a high output pickup. But don't be turned off, it can be as brutal as you want it to be or you can roll off the volume knob a bit for some rock and clean stuff.

Also great is the Evo7 or Blaze(in my Ibanez Universe), but those are more for shred type stuff. The tonezone is extremely more versatile. The JB 7 string model is also said to be really good. For 7 strings I don't think you need extremely hot pickups or EMG's, I mean they automatically sound brutal with that low B, you don't need 510mv of output methinks.
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