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Originally Posted by *insert name here*
Gigs-100 - Headroom
Home/practice/recording- 60 - Powertube saturation.

Uh... you're still going to have to crank the 60W at wall-quaking volumes to get powertube saturation. 40W also wouldn't make that much of a volume difference right? I mean who cranks their amp volume past 11 o clock?

The difference is probably only in the poweramp, it's safe bet that they sound alike. I hear newer TSL's and DSL's have tons of reliablilty issues due to cheap manufacturing, you might want to look into older models or something.
Originally Posted by far_beyond_sane

(Did you know In Flames had a 2005 album called "Come Clarity"? How prophetic. I think they're trying to tell us all their sperm are dead.)
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