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Originally Posted by ThornsOfHeaven200
Ive got an X2N in my maple bodied guitar, and it sounds great. I was kind of worried that it would sound too trebly, but as soon as i tried it out it just blew me away. Also, the tech there told me that with high output pickups, the tonal woods dont matter too much so it doesnt make much of a difference with the types of wood. It was louder, more ballsy and just overall better sounding. So, if the x2n-7 is anything like the x2n(which it should be) it should be a good choice no matter what wood your axe is made of.

That answered my question, thanks. I have this Ibanez S-Series 7 string, the S7420 I think. I would think since thats so thin it would have not as much tonal wood goodness.
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