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this band does well in not being easily classified.

thier earlier splits and the first album is most definately grindcore in terms of drumming, no doubt. the recent stuff is where they are going for more technical range and use the blasts sparringly. this is what makes them most interesting in my eyes.

noise has become a whole seperate genre moving away from actually using musical instruments. most stuff involving common instruments that seem like random noise is more understood as avant-garde<i dont even know what this means in french, i avoid saying it in person,the term itself reeks "pretentious asshole", but since it an old term to describe a similiar form of jazz music, itll suffice> the locust do have a keyboardist who utilizes moogs and synth/oscillator sounds so there is definately a noise aspect to thier sound. look at my roomates animation video i cited, those parts inbetween songs are not sequenced sounds, its not a sample.

the vocals is where they kinda have been given the emo-hardcore accusation, i dont think a cookie monster vocalist would be any better. lets all face it once and for all; all vocal styles for the majority of music we like are totally rediculous, whether you prefer a high pitch scream of indecipherable lyrics or a grunt of even more nonsense-trying-to-pass-itself-as-vocalizations-of-words isnt really saying much.
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