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If I remember correctly the 10 AWG was rated at 600V. I tested the resistance on 2 feet of the stuff and got the same reading as on my Mogani speaker cable. I know it was rated at more than 300V. It cost a good deal more ( like $5 total ) than the shit that was in the cab but I was only doing one cab. It wasn't like I had to pay to rewire 100 cabs so it was a good, cheap, and easy investment.

As for getting the most out of a stereo cab? I'm afraid that is not an easy question. Mine is 4/16 Ohms mono, 8 Ohms stereo too. I think it just depends on what sounds good to you, but I like using mine in stereo. It sounds the best to me. 8 Ohms in parallel stereo = 4 Ohms total for the 2 outputs on my head. My amp just sounds like poop when I use 16 Ohms. I've noticed lower Ohm loads increase head room but I can see where some amps would sound better with higher Ohm loads. Hotplates are matched to a certain speaker load ( 4,8,16 Ohms ) aren't they or can you select its' speaker loads?

I say as long as your amp sounds good using a certain load then you are getting the best out of the cab. Thank goodness most modern cabs have assignable Ohm switches so we can compare different settings. Once you switch cabs though that may not be the case. Your amp might sound better using 8 ohms with a different cab. Its all depends on the speakers, wiring, design, material, and building method of the new cab.
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