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Originally Posted by FesteringCorpse
Don't know if this thread should be posted, but anyway.

For some reason i love hearing David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) he doesn't shred but he can hit one note and it sounds better than Malmsteen playing 1000.

That's really cliché, and utter bullshit. I've heard it a thousand times, each time from a moron that's probably not even heard more than three of Malmsteen's good pieces (not saying this includes you, just it's a phrase heard constantly)

I think the term for 'non metal guitarists' is "heathens" (said in jest)

I often think it's rather pretentious when people describe certain guitarists in an over-the-top manner - "amazing, incredible, fantastic" - that sort of cringe-worthy vocabulary that is often applied to guitarists such as Queen's or even the guy from the Beatles. Maybe they did write good music for their time, but as far as musicianship or talent on ye olde six-string goes, they wern't amazing and doubtfully couldn't touch the skill in players like Malmsteen, Jarzombek etc... Another good example would be to discuss guitarists such as Santana: sure they do the trick and have a semi-decent tone, but a lot of other guitarists can do it with more interest and style.


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