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LTD M - 155

Basically, you're looking at the body. It has one nick in it, right at the top of the body, that you can see in the picture. There is another, where you'd put your arm, that you cannot see in the picture. The bridge is a liscensed floyd, the only thing original about it is the base plate. The neck has a crack in it, which forces you to set the action real high, so the neck is more or less useless, but it can still be used. The body is made od Alder, but it is pretty thick and heavy. I originally thought it was Mahogany due to the weight. It was a heavy sounding guitar when I was playing it, but the neck went bad, and I sold the EMG's that were in it.

I am not asking much at all. I just figured that I have 3 guitars that work, so why bother leaving this stuff around. Seriously, ask me a low price and I'll probably say yes, I just don't need this stuff.
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