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tmfreak, im thinking of getting the same roland kit as you. its within my price range. how is the sound on it? does it sound realistic or does it sound like some shitty keyboard effect? thats how most of the electric kits on youtube sound like. i dont know if they were roland or not...but still.
have you got any clips of the roland? im really interested in hearing how it sounds like before i buy it. im a beginer so im not going to walk in to a shop and try it out, i think i will look like a complete retard as i have absolutely no drumming experience at all, lol.

so yea, please post some clips if you can.

edit: i have another question. i notice you have TD-6KW. i thought you had the TD-3KW...i dunno why . neways, i wont be able to get the 6KW because its like 960 in the uk which is some thing like $1770 . i wont want to spend that much on my first kit as i dont know if i will stick to it. but whatever. i think the 3KW is more suited to my budget. so heres the question. do you know if the 6KW and the 3KW have a similar sound/tone, if they have similar features, options and build quality, and could you go over the main differences.
lol, sorry for the 20 questions. im just a bit of a drum n00b
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