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Yeah I did put on new strings,and I always solder the end of each one as well......I should have said that in my post.I may just buy a new one since the frames are now made out of aluminum,which is a bit lighter.And I have an all brass one right now,and feel it's a bit darker in tone than what I want.I am looking at the 2315 actually,the one Slayer uses.But that may be a while away,as they are more than $300 new!

My friend had a Kahler for years and also experienced the same problem,with the strings slipping a little.He replaced the springs and the string hooks and it was fine.I should mention that we both tune down to B with heavy strings (13-56) and the larger springs in back,which will make the string locks go out a lot faster than a standard tuned guitar.My locking nut is the Schaller floyd type,and is new,so that is not an issue.Kahler is the best tremolo ever though,don't get me wrong!!! After switching I will never go back to those floyds again.

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