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Originally Posted by brainsforbreakfast
Well, you ARE playing death metal

OK Not every DM band sounds the same Does Aborted sound like Cryptopsy: NO.

Crap like Suffocation and newer Cannibal Corpse to me is bassically boring as hell. It's like "Write a fucking song, don't show off". That stuff is bassically clichés of themselves which I find rather funny. Everyone says "All DM sounds the same, just some guy grunting, random guitar work, and drums that can't keep a beat." Now try and defend DM by showing people Suffocation or Severed Savior or Vile or any SO CALLED "TECHNICAL" Death Metal. Show people Dying Fetus or Impaled and you can defend because bands like those have memorible moments to their songs, catchy riffs/chorus, and drums that actually keep a fucking beat.
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