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DM/Grind drummer wanted in Toronto Canada based band.

OK I just fucking fired my drummer. We had a show coming up and he said he couldn't do it because of a broken leg. Well turns out he was drumming for another band. Some shitty COB style band.

Anyway. I am looking for a drummer. The band plays Death Metal/ Thrash and Grind. The style we are looking for is similar to the bands you will find on Razorback Records (Frightmare, Ghoul, Lord Gore). So it's more of an old school Death Metal style band.Taking influences from Impetigo, Autopsy, Terrorizer, Repulsion, Carcass ect.

When we jam however, we jam with everything from Iced Eath to Regurgitate to Nile to Rompeprop. But mostly it's old school death/thrash/ grind. So must be very flexible with music styles and must be able to play both slow and fast.

Ok here is the requirements

Must have own drum kit.

Must have double bass unit of some sort.

Must have good double bass skills.

MUST be able to blast beat.

Must be very flexible as to what music to play/jam with.


Must be willing to do shows, jam, and practice. We play in Toronto Canada.

Must be into the music we play.

Also if the drummer can do vocals as well that's a bonus but not a necesity.

Here is what is not allowed.



Narrow minded drummers

No drummers who do not fully understand where we are coming from musically or are strickly "Brutal" or "Tech" Death Metal. This is old school DM/Grind/Thrash.

So yes, if there is ANYONE or someone that know SOMEONE out there. Interested at least. Give me a shout.

Also please don't reply to this with comments like "I would do it. But I don't live in Canada" or some other useless comments. That doesn't help me and it wastes thread space.
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