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Yeah, this was moderately interesting.

Now, here's why this isn't particularly important.

The internet more than anywhere else consists of people who are rabidly interested in their own freedom of communication. It's avery malleable tool, and subversion online is very, very easy. Stealing music and software, committing fraud, committing libel, denying access to information, it's all a cakewalk for even a teenager with a boner and a modem. If the actual data pipes themselves are controlled, alternatives will immediately be structured. Online development is produced in realtime - blocked sites will be mirrored,
search engines which are neutral will immediately be championed, and bad ISPs won't get the custom of those smart enough to know their practices.

Partisanship on the internet is very tenuous. If you suddenly realised that Google gave bad results, would you change immediately? Yes, to any number of half a dozen other services. It makes consuming a much more rational act when decisions are only hyperlinks away.

The legislation is a great idea. But I have more faith in the whole system being self-regulating than ever being successfully regulated to be neutral.
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