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Originally Posted by Panda
First of all I don't like 'em either. I just couldn't resist to tell him that posts like this are absolutely senseless. In addition to that I never thought it was of any necessity to use , and ' as well as upper and lower case but you proved me the opposite. Could you further give me some advices concerning my spelling, please? I'm so happy to get help with "stuff".

Damnit, I got that wrong. I was after this linguistic gem:

"yea i know... but i wanted to know your guys opinions on them. cuz i find myself getting the song stuck in my head if its on the radio or somethin at work. i just want to know a reason why i should hate them. if u dont like the thread toss it"

Lesson learned: if drinking with Nomad all day, check message structure before pushing 'submit'.
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