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Originally Posted by Ludd
Anyone know of a good cheap keyboard that will give that sort of "Ahhhh AHHH AHHHHAHH AHH" type sound? <--- I'm sure that really helped, bah.
I was thinking something along the lines of the keys in Emperor's 'Empty'.
Most keyboards I've come across either have a really weak or lame sound or the closest effect they have is a pipe organ.
I'm not looking to spend a bunch of money on a pricey synthesizer or anything. Just something i can screw around with.

Someone might be able to recommend one, but as with most gear, you get what you pay for. Those guys are using 2000 dollar Korg synths in the studios. You might be able to get a decent keyboard with midi capability for 300, and then you could look in to some different midi modules for a certain tone your after, and save some cash that way.
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