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Ancient am I

Long ago,
I was flung from what you would call grace.
Rejected by a system that excepts all.
I was apalled by their hypocritical ways,
until I learned of my gift.

The darkness that lied dormant inside
was slowly seeping into my brain.
Finally I was free from the chains,
called faith.

Yet I was shunned for being truly pure,
beaten and cursed like a dog.
You'll rue th day you crossed me.
I'll make you wish for death.

Ancient am I, and black is my heart.
I can call upon plagues far worse than death,
and I intend to make you suffer

I spit on your lord,
For he's as fake as your power.
I know he is all that you have

When I'm done with you I'll toss your body in the
pit and the flames will consume your filth.

I wrote this at 4 in the morning.
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Man oh man I'm in the mood for some meat right about now, so much so that I don't even care how implicitly gay this sentence is.

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