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Originally Posted by k13m
buy the dual and sell it for 1500.... atleast it sounds to me that 1000 is pretty cheap they go for 2400 euros new in holland.

he's in vegas... you could get a new dual for like $1600-1700-ish these days in the u.s.a. so $1,000 is a fair price for a decent condition recto... but with a roadcase and new tubes, that does sweeten the deal. so for a grand, i say it's not a bad deal at all. even if you end up not liking the recto, you'll still be able to turn around and sell it, for as much, maybe even a little more.

i have had a dual recto, and i currently have a powerball. needless to say i greatly preffer the powerball. but i wouldnt discredit the rectos, they're good amps.
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