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Originally Posted by problematic
Ok here's the deal. SHUT THE FUCK UP. You're fucking gay, and you know what, insert your penis into my ass cause we love it, and you're a fucking fag. I fucking hate you. What's more... you won't get a fucking template, cause no one's as stupid as you to try and make a fucking pickguard copy since we're all in shutty punk bands who need pickguards with a 1m^2 surface area cause theyre so FUCKING SHIT SO FUCKING DIE IN A FUCKING HOLE, THAT IS YOUR MOTHERS HOLE THE SAME ONE YOU WERE SHITTED OUT OF.

we??? i see no one here who loves cock in their ass except you
Originall Posted By problematic
Im a quadraplegic.

Youve made me cry

Originally Posted by problematic
Metal Monkey: retarded comments galore.

RIP this guy
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