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Originally Posted by No Heart
I start to feel his finger
slide into my butt

If I had to critique this in one word it would be HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

But I agree with Robbie if you want a serious answer. Other than that line making me laugh like hell, I guess it was a somewhat accurate description, but you should find a better choice of words or leave a bit more to the imagination if you don't want the humor involved.
"While fingers explored other places" sounds a hell of a lot more poetic than "Yep, two fists right up the pooper!"
Fuck Brad and everyone who looks like Brad. From the looks of this picture, I think he's jerking off too much. Keep him away from LouAnne.

I never fucked a 10, but one night I fucked five 2's.

Originally Posted by BassBehemoth
You really have no dignity. I would rather have sex with my fifty year old father.
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