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sexual thoughts

standing in the pink mist
the liquid like spirits moving
running there moist on my body
touching every place too far
I see her sitting on a bed
her body lusting for mine
our souls broiling with fire
hinting each step closer

she weres a white skirt
underneath satin squeezes
every bursting sexual thought
through the softness of her skin
her see through silk shirt
grasps her tendencies
to what im about to do
to release the thoughts

she unzips her skirt
and pulls her thong down
pulling off her shirt
and unchambers her bra
sending the key
to my mind

I walk towards her
and grasp her left breast
pushing her to the bed
I grab her shoulders
and enter her sex
each thrust her moan
intensifies the pleasure
making me thrust harder

as i turn her around
and pull her hips to me
i bang my sex into hers
my fingers running up her body
then to her breasts
i give a quick squeeze
and slide them down slowly
and rub my hands on her butt

As I feel him enter me hardly
I moan with pleasure
his thrusts punching me
against the softness of the bed
his rough hands on my breasts
squeezing the tips of my nipples
and i burst out another moan
making him go faster against me

I pick her up and push her chest against the wall
and i press hard against her butt
entering her and exiting her over and over
my arms reach underneath hers
and squeeze her breasts
and hold onto them while thrusting

He fucks me hard like a wall
I feel a short of breath
I start to feel his finger
slide into my butt while in my sex
then my breath begins to shorten
pacing faster then hard
and I let on last word escape my lips

she reached her orgasm
while im still thrusting
my sex feels even wetter
with hot thick liquid
and I cant hold any longer
as I start to go as fast as possible
I feel my orgasm relase
the sexual thoughts inside my head...-No Heart
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