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Originally Posted by tmfreak
I found these post to be very intriguing.

I have played through a JCM900. both the head and 212 combo, and found it to be the sorryiest distortion i've ever heard. But i guess you must obviously have to play that bitch SUPER loud in order to break it up or something.

That overdrive pedal idea/ or tube booster idea, is a pretty damn good one and really makes me rethink about trying some marshalls. I'm not saying i haven't heard good marshalls, cause i really like the.. "rock" tone they put out. But for some reason when i played those 900s, they weren't anything like they thought they would be.

I thought about getting an 800 cause i've seen a few bands i like live, and they had it, and it wailed.

The 900 has to be almost fucking dimed before that nice thick distortion begins to appear. The same with the 800, but even then a good boost pedal or mod really helps to shape and control things. Slayer uses modified 800's if I'm right, and these marshell amps sound great once driven enough. Overdriven tube amps doesn't always mean loud volume and there are ways to crank the amps without ear bleeding volume to go with it. A power soak ( Hotplates are nice ) is the best option. It allows you to dime the amp, have nice tone, and at adjustable volumes. The only draw back is that you will have to replace tubes once a year, at the least. Tubes don't wear well when driven to distortion on a normal basis. That is one of the great draw backs of tube amps. They are fragile, require frequent maintenance, and cost to maintain at peak performance.
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