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I found these post to be very intriguing.

I have played through a JCM900. both the head and 212 combo, and found it to be the sorryiest distortion i've ever heard. But i guess you must obviously have to play that bitch SUPER loud in order to break it up or something.

That overdrive pedal idea/ or tube booster idea, is a pretty damn good one and really makes me rethink about trying some marshalls. I'm not saying i haven't heard good marshalls, cause i really like the.. "rock" tone they put out. But for some reason when i played those 900s, they weren't anything like they thought they would be.

I thought about getting an 800 cause i've seen a few bands i like live, and they had it, and it wailed.

Yeah I thought Marshalls were crap for a long time until I stumbled on that booster pedal trick.And yeah they do have to be pretty loud to sound good.But most of the heavier tones I like come from that boosted Marshall sound,which I never knew until like 4 years ago.It's better to have an amp that sounds heavy plugged straight in for some but I like using a few pedals anyway so it doesn't bother me any.

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