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If you go for Marshall these are the best amps IMO.I used the JCM800 2210 on tour with my band Exhumed and used the JCM900 2100 in my old band Uphill Battle on tour and they both sounded extremely heavy and brutal.The vocalist/guitarist in Exhumed (Matt Harvey) uses a 5150 on the rhythm channel plugged straight in and mine was louder and had more balls than his amp,but also was much more midrangey,so we both sounded different.The 5150 is a great amp too on the rhythm channel.In my old band the other guitar player used a Mesa Mark IV and that amp was pretty loud and was better than the JCM900.Tone is subjective though really.

The DSL/TSL amps sound thin and sterile and also have the preamp/power tubes mounted on the circuit board and that to me is TOTAL crap.A solid state amp can sound the same as these....they are just not very warm or punchy at all and have WAY too much circuitry really.Simplicity is always better when it comes to tube amps I think.You will see right away if you compare a JCM800 to a DSL/TSL next to each other.I have done it.Just my opinion,but that's how I feel.

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