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1959 SLP is amazing,but it's so loud you really can't use it practically becuase it has no master volume!!!! So if you want it to distort it needs to be turned ALL THE WAY UP.Yikes.Ok I am a total Marshall freak so I will try to help ya out here.DON'T buy any JCM2000 amp! Here are the best Marshalls for heavy crunching death/thrash metal or just harder rock,from best to worst,and they are all 100-watt heads:

JCM800 2210-2 channel,make sure it is at least an '87 model or later as they went through some changes and were refined towards the end....this amp sounds EXACTLY like Ride The Lightning and even heavier with a booster pedal in front.

JCM800 2203-single channel,less gain and needs a booster pedal up front but sounds so damn good you will not be able to stop playing through it.The new reissue is good but older ones are better,and there were two different versions.....vertical and horizontal inputs.Vertical is the best one IMO and they are older.....the reissue is of this version.

JMP MK II 2203-same amp but before they changed to "JCM800" cosmetics.Almost the same circuitry except for a few small changes but basically they are a little less bright.Usually are cheaper.

JCM900 2100-single channel,with a switchable master volume so you can get a nice lead boost for solos.Great sounding amp but not as good as the others listed.Pretty inexpensive.

All these amps sound much better with an overdrive in front as a boost to kick more tube overdrive outta the front end (preamp section) of the amp.Try any of these you see,and when you hear what they can do you will not believe how great it sounds.I use a Boss SD-1 overdrive pedal in front of my 2210 and set it like this:

In this way it acts as a"boost" pedal and transforms the amp into a fire-breathing monster!!!! Hope you find this information helpful.

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