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Originally Posted by Sythke21
*insert_name_here* your not even funny, go away you loser.

While im flaming, ive come to post a sound clip based on what u guys said last time to fix my recording quality up.

last time u guys said my sound was very muddy, and needed more treble, ive also made guitar 1, and guitar 2, sound out over different speakers. i think it sounds quite a bit improved.

could u guys give it a listen, its the Raining Blood one (i know the triplets are out of time)


I did a comparison between the actual slayer song tone and you'res. Not bad. Pretty key on. You definately are still lacking the higher highs. You don't need alot but you definately need some. Might be a good idea to lower the volume abit, to prevent unneeded distortion. Might want to slightly curb some of the bass freqs in a final product.

But overall i thought it was pretty solid. Not bad. What setup are you using to record?
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