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Originally Posted by Lord_Behemoth
Hi guys

I've been coming to your site for the last year or so and I have learned a lot
from u guys. From picking techniques to recording. So I think the time has come
to show off what I've learned and what I can do.

You can listen to the song here

The solo isnt very good, but that's cuz I'm not that skilled... yet!

Equipment used to record and mix:

Jackson RR3
Creative X-fi Platinum soundcard
Zoom GFX5 (yeah yeah I know)

Fruity loops for the drums (thnx vileangelofdeth for the manytone tip)
Magix Music Studio6 for all the mixing.

All Critisizm is welcome exept for lame ass comments like 'u suck' or something.

I agree with what was said before. I'm not the biggest black metal guy but i actually really liked this song/recording. The hi hat was pretty annoying though. i must say. Basically sounded completely out of..... place with the entire song.

I want to hear vocals too.
Originally Posted by Darko
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