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Originally Posted by JOAMdude
Ummmm.... i have ernie ball beefy slinky's which are 54-11 and tune at D standard..I always thought it was kindof difficult to play on the high 3 strings. Does ernie ball make 46-10's. Should i be OK with 54-12 on D standard? It always felt tight

If it doesn't feel right, it isn't right. When YOU like it, it's right. Stop asking about that shit. Everyone. It's just a stupid question. That's like hating chocolate and asking someone if you should get it instead of ice cream cause it's better tasting. IT'S JUST STUPID!!! Figure out your own opinions.

Originally Posted by amerok
the order of a-g doesnt matter

Learn your alphabet.

Originally Posted by IlikeRiffseveryone
im 50 percent irish and 100 percent pain. (SHAKE DOWN!!!!)

Canadian Brutal Death (So you know it's good)

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