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Luc Lemay (Gorguts during Erosion Of Sanity)

Matti Way (Disgorge during Cranial Impalement)

Lamb Of God's vocalist is fucking intense live, great stage presence too.

At The Gate's vocalist in Slaughter Of The Soul was amazing.

Akercocke have some good vocals too, their screams are sick as hell and so are their clean vocals and inhaled growls in Chronozon.

Lord Worm was fucking sick in Ungentle Exhumation.

My buddy Uffe formerly from Stabwound was fucking sick; he had one of the best range of vocals in the underground death metal scene.

Last but not least my good friend Chop (Dillon) from Excretion; one of the sickest vocalists to make Squeels with an exhaled technique (thats fucking hard to do) and his known technique to sound like Donald Duck, The Predator, and a Fat Mexican Frog in his recordings.
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