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Originally Posted by tmfreak
I did the same fucking thing haha. Although my song was about the WTO (world trade organization) and was a punk song hah. But i dunno its kind of hard for somebody else to give you a harsh grade on a style of music that they may not like.

As for you're song. I actually liked it. I'm not that big on death metal but it didn't sound half bad. Granted the guitars were an eq nightmare but everything together wasn't bad. Decient sounding drums. And the lil end slow down i will admit was pretty fucking awesome. imo

I'll have to steal that idea and maybe incorporate it somehow.

Not a death metal fan but i liked it.

Thanks dude. Yeah, the guitars were purposely EQ'ed to scoop because I didn't want my off time riffs showing up. But yeah, I had fun recording it, and thats really all that matters if school is involved.
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