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Originally Posted by Soulinsane
Forget it. They don't stand a chance if they don't use Mahogany.... or can't at least make a decent sounding bolt-on guitar with cheap electronics mounted to a flimsy piece of plastic ( building them in Japan, Mexico, or korea ) using Alder and sell them in mass quanities for far less then other companies during their earily years. This Fenger company might have to do this for years until they have a marketing corner supported by a few guitar player ledends and lore that died with their heros before those heros could afford better gear. Was this what you were asking?

Fender USA guitars are rather inexpensive compared to US-built guitars from other companies. I'm not sure how you can say fender has been supported by "a few" player legends, either.. quite a LOT of guitar legends, even current ones (Yngwie?).

That said, no I don't have a fender. I do, however, respect the fact that many quality guitars are NOT made out of mohagany. I think it's laughable how many here think that's the only good wood for a guitar.
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