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Originally Posted by Soulinsane
I've played many guitars made of many different woods. Sometimes those woods sound the same as others and sometimes they are different sounding. I personaly like Maple necks ( with and Ebony board if I can have it ) and Mahogany bodies. Thats pretty standard I think for a quality built guitar. Solid rich tone with a good mix of bright bite and rumbling vibrations in the guitar.

This is not to say that great guitars are not made of other woods though. I just like to go with the classic proven time tested fomula of Maple and Mahogany.

There's a little company called Fenger or something that makes a straticoaster or some such. They haven't been around too long, but I hear they've been using Alder for their guitars. I wonder if that'll replace the "time tested" formula of a good guitar at some point, once they've been around a little bit longer and the name gets out there.. if they can last as a company with such strange wood choices.
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